Dogs are the most lovable and trustable pets. You can see dogs as a pet in most households. They are the favourite and trusted friends of humans.

Everyone loves dogs for their adorable behaviours. Dogs amuse their owners with funny and odd behaviour every day. But have you noticed one thing that your dog sleeps with tongue out at night? You may find it adorable, but also weird thinking if this action is normal.

As a first-time dog parent, you might wonder, “Why is my puppy sticking tongue out while sleeping?” Well, don’t worry cat’s also sleep with their tongue out! They do it For relaxation and comfort, they sleep with their tongue out.

Let’s learn more about why your dogs sleep with their tongue out.

13 Reasons Why Your Dogs Sleep With Their Tongue Out

A dog always has its tongue out when it’s awake. But there are several reasons for your dog sleeping with its tongue out. It can be their instinct due to genetics or completely unintentional. 

Let’s explore 13 interesting reasons why your dog sticks tongue out while sleeping:

1. Thermoregulation

One of the most common reasons for your dog to sleep with its tongue out is to cool itself. Dogs use the thermoregulation process to maintain their body’s core internal temperature. 

Dogs don’t sweat like humans through their skin. They sweat through their nose and paw pads. Their skin warms up when the temperature increases. When dogs feel hot while sleeping, they hang out their tongue to release the heat of the skin and cool off. 

2. Comfort

Like every other pet, dogs want to be comfortable while sleeping. You usually see your dog breathing with tongue out. Sleeping with its tongue out is not exceptional as well. Dogs hang their tongues out to ensure a peaceful sleep. When your dog’s sleep is comfortable and calm, its tongue will automatically extend and hang out of its mouth. They often aren’t even aware of it, which makes it cute.

3. Mouth Structure

Some dog breeds, such as bulldogs and boxers, have flat faces. Due to their flat mouth structure, their airway is shorter. It becomes difficult for them to breathe, especially when they sleep. Flat-faced dog breeds sleep with their tongues out to avoid such struggles and breathe properly. It increases the surface area of their mouth for breathing.

4. Dental Issues

You may notice your dog’s tongue suddenly sticks out of its mouth while sleeping. It can happen because of dental issues. A dog hangs out its tongue when they feel oral pain. It helps the dog to calm down from the pain. 

Check if your dog’s tongue is swollen or has any tooth issues. Dog’s teeth keep the tongue inside the mouth. Look if your dog lacks any teeth or not. Take your dog to a trusted veterinarian and have him take a look. 

5. Deep Sleep

Dogs sleep with their tongues out while in deep sleep and dreaming. Your dog may breathe heavily if it’s in a deep sleep. But don’t worry if your puppy is breathing fast; it is normal. Sometimes you can encounter your dog sleeping with eyes open and tongue out. It happens when they are dreaming. 

Dogs rarely have nightmares. But when they have, dogs whine or pant, sticking its tongue out. If you notice your dog is sleeping in distress, wake your dog up. 

6. Medication Side Effects

Medication can cause a dog to sleep with its tongue out. Any medication that relaxes your dog’s muscles will create a side effect. For which the tongue sticks out. 

Also, medication can make your dog’s tongue dry. The act of sleeping with the tongue out is to increase its moisture levels. Older dogs are prescribed these medications.

7. Previous Injury

Sometimes a dog can act differently due to any previous injury or medical condition. Dogs that go through an injury can suddenly feel pain or discomfort even after recovery. A dog hangs out its tongue during sleep when it feels discomfort. 

8. Neurological Issues

Many dogs suffer from neurological issues. Neurological issues damage a dog’s nerves and lead to Hanging Tongue Syndrome. Some dogs’ tongues don’t fit with their face, and those dogs can suffer from this syndrome. 

Hanging Tongue Syndrome causes dogs to lose control of their tongue. For this, their tongue will always stick out of their mouth, even after sleeping. Hanging Tongue can be an issue of concern. Check whether your dog’s tongue hangs out all the time or not. If so, then consult your vet about it.

9. Dry Mouth

Dogs get thirsty or dehydrated when they sleep, and their mouths become dry. It is every dog’s nature to stick its tongue out when it’s thirsty. So when your dog is in a deep sleep, and its mouth is dry, it takes its tongue out. It also can be an attempt to cool down. 

A dry mouth is not a serious issue, but ensure your dog isn’t thirsty before sleeping. If your dog is old, your dog needs to drink a lot of water.

10. Age

While a dog is growing up, it may develop new behaviours or preferences. Old dogs sleeping with their tongue out may display that they have grown. Moreover, at a certain age, dogs start to lose their teeth. Lack of teeth hangs their tongue out when they fall asleep. 

11. Congenital Abnormalities

Congenital abnormalities or congenital disabilities can cause a dog to sleep with its tongue out. They can develop these abnormalities before or after birth. Congenital disabilities can cause mouth injuries and dental issues. Defect dogs lose teeth, and for that tongue may hang out of their mouth while sleeping.

12. Sign of Relaxation

Dogs sleep with their mouths open when fully relaxed, just like humans. When your dog sleeps profoundly, its tongue will fall out as its mouth is open. You may hear your dog snoring as well. Nothing to be worried about. It is a sign of relaxation for dogs. Your dog’s jaw muscle relaxes when it sleeps with its mouth open and tongue hanging out.

13. Habit

Each dog has their own unique habit. They develop different types of habits while growing up. Dogs like to sleep in a way they feel comfortable the most. Some like to sleep with their mouth open. They feel comfortable and have a sound sleep by doing so. It is normal behaviour for most of the dogs. Dogs feel extremely relaxed and enjoy pure bliss by sticking their tongue out while sleeping.

Wrapping Up

Dogs are one of the most loveable pets worldwide. Their adorable behaviours melt a human heart. Some of their behaviour may worry you, such as sleeping with their tongue out. But it would be best not to worry about it as it is completely normal.

Dogs sleep with their tongue out to become comfortable and relaxed while sleeping. It is normal dog behaviour when they take rest and sleep. 

You can now understand why your dogs sleep with their tongue out by reading this article. Take care of your dogs at home, cool down your house temperature, and ensure their tongue’s moisturizer. Thus, you can deal with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do Dogs Stick Their Tongues Out When They Sleep?

Dog tongue hanging outside of mouth during sleep is natural. They do this for relaxation and comfort. It is also an indicator of pure bliss.

Why Does My Old Dog Sleep With His Tongue Out?

If your dog is old, it might lose its teeth. For teeth lacks, your dog’s tongue comes out of the mouth.

Is It Safe for My Dog to Sleep With Its Tongue Out for Extended Periods?

Extended periods might be an issue of concern. Your dog can be experiencing discomfort, lack of quality sleep, or health issues.