It is a well-known fact that cats are superior to humans in many regards. Their sense of smell is just one example. More accurately, the cat’s smell is between nine and 16 times more potent than ours.

With such a perfect sense of smell, it is only logdecathlon bmx deuce vaughn jersey brock purdy jersey fsu football jersey jordan proto max 720 asu football jersey latex hood custom dallas stars jersey adidas yeezy boost 350 turtle dove custom youth nfl jersey decathlon bmx yeezy shoes under 1000 brock bowers jersey johnny manziel jersey yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace ical to wonder what smells cats hate. Yes, just like us, cats have their smell preferences – some are good and relaxing, others are discomforting and even irritating.

While on the subject of what scents do cats hate, it is worth mentioning that every cat is different and has specific scent favorites. However, there are several scents all cats hate.

This article will review which smells cats hate most and how their presence may affect or, better said, annoy the cat’s smell sense.


Generally speaking, the smells and scents cats hate most can be classified into two main categories:

  • Surprising scents cats hate
  • Unsurprising smells cats hate.


Considering that we use the scents from this list in aromatic candles, personal hygiene products, and even food supplements, finding out cats hate them comes as a surprise.

However, cats are cats. In translation – being a little weird and quirky is part of who they are. More precisely, their weirdness and quirkiness are the reasons why we love them.

These are the top 7 surprising smells cats hate.


Yes, you may keep lavender cushions between your clothes to keep them fresh, but when it comes to cats, this plant is a powerful repellent.

It is also worth mentioning that pure lavender oils are potentially toxic to cats. In such cases, being repelled to the lavender’s smell is suitable for the cat’s safety.


Citrus fruits

What is better than the smell of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning? Well, if you ask your cat, everything smells better than oranges.

Oranges and their cousins from the citrus family, including tangerines, lemons, and limes, are pungent and repulsive to cats. This is because the citrus fruits’ smell is overpowering for cats.


Well, the second best smell for waking up is coffee. That is for us. However, for our cats, there are not many things that smell worse than coffee.

Once again, the coffee’s repulsiveness for cats is good for their safety, as the caffeine found in the coffee is a potent toxin to cats.

coffee smell cats hate

Mint & Menthol

The reason mint and menthol are on the list of surprising scents cats hate is that these plants belong to the same family as the catnip. And we all know how much cats love catnip.

Mint and menthol have harsh or even abrasive scents that simply irritate the mucosal lining of the cat’s nose and throat.


From cinnamon cookies through cinnamon bread to cinnamon coffee – we spice everything up with cinnamon. However, our cats detest this exotically-smelling spice.

It is worth mentioning that although non-toxic, the cinnamon powder may cause irritations if inhaled in more significant amounts.


As a garden herb, rosemary is frequently used in some cuisines. Nonetheless, rosemary can never be found on a cat’s menu as its smells pungent for felines.

In addition to hating its smell, cats smell the plant’s rough texture. Simply put, if a cat is brave enough to come close to rosemary, she will be repelled once she feels its texture.


Most animals, humans included, find the banana’s sweet smell to be a good appetite enticer. Well, cats are not like most animals and find bananas to be repulsive-smelling.

Over time, as bananas ripe, they release a chemical compound – ethyl acetate. Ethyl acetate smells particularly strong and is probably why bananas are on the list of scents cats hate most.


Unlike the above-listed scents that make us feel relaxed, comfy, or even hungry, we share the same dislike as our cats regarding the scents on this list.

Dry litter box

Cats are naturally clean animals and do not like the smell of their waste. In fact, unless the litter box is clean and nice-smelling, chances are your cat will find a more appealing toilet area.

Coleus canina

Chances are, this is the first time you hear about this mighty smelling plant. Well, the term smelling is an understatement as this plant is actually quite repulsively scented. In fact, Coleus canina smells similarly to skunk spray – no wonder the plant found its way on the list of smells cats hate.


Knowing which scents are cat-friendly and which are repelling is essential because of two main reasons:

Reason number 1

As a responsible cat parent, you need to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for your cat. Therefore, you need to avoid the scents that can make your cat unhappy. You will know your cat is happy if she cuddles a lot, lays on you, and kneads you.

Reason number 2

Sometimes, being a responsible cat parent includes keeping your cat away from certain areas of the house and garden. In such cases, you can use the smells cats hate most as repellents.

what smells do cats hate most


Contrary to popular belief, in terms of needs, cats are not small dogs. And in terms of preferences and abilities, cats are nothing like people. Simply put, compared to us, cats have a more superior sense of smell. They also prefer different fragrances and scents.

Cats are very particular about their needs. Additionally, as creatures of habit, cats thrive on a schedule and strong-set principles. The presence of a new and somewhat disturbing scent can cause severe discomfort in your cat.

Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the most common scents cats detest and keep those scents further away from your home. As a responsible cat parent, it is your job to protect your cat, even when the enemy is an irritating smell.