In every cat living household, there are strict hierarchy rules. It goes without saying that cats sit at the top of the hierarchy pyramid and judgmentally gaze upon other household members. That is when they are not sleeping.

Since watching from above and judging is very tiring, cats sleep an average of about 15 hours per day. What is even stranger, they pick weird and unusual sleeping places, well, quirky and unique for us. For the cat, there is always a reason behind the peculiarity.

If you were wondering why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed, wonder no more – there are, in fact, several and quite reasonable justifications for this seemingly unusual choice.

cute cat lying bed

Why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed?

Here are the most common answers to the question – why do cats always sleep at the foot of the bed.

The foot of the bed offers fewer disturbances

Who wants to be disturbed in the middle of the night? Well, sleep-loving cats definitely hate being disturbed during their favorite activity. Sleeping in the middle of the bed or at the top is linked with more frequent and more intense disturbances, especially if you toss and turn a lot.

On the other hand, things are much calmer at the foot of the bed.  The next time you ask why does my cat sleep on the edge of my bed; the answer might be because you are a restless sleeper.

It is easier to keep tabs

Cats have a keen survival sense and well-developed instincts. They like to know every escape route and often make exit strategies before actually needing them. Cats want to keep tabs on the door and be informed about who is coming and who is leaving the room.

If you wondered why does my cat sleeps on the corner of my bed, the answer might be because the foot of your bed is closest to the door. In most bedrooms, the bed’s foot is the nearest comfortable point to the door. The floor is more immediate, but it is not nearly as comfortable as your bed.

The air is much cooler down there

It is only logical that the foot of the bed offers cooler conditions than its middle and top. While it is true that cats are fond of warmth, there are a few things they dislike more than being overheated. The bed’s foot is the ideal deal – warm enough to feel cozy yet cool enough to breathe.

They are protective

Cats are very smart – they know everybody is most vulnerable during sleep, including humans. If you were puzzled by the question of why does my cat sleep at the foot of my bed – it might be because she wants to protect you. Cats are light sleepers and have excellent night vision. Your cat knows how much you care about her during the day and believes she has to take care of you at night.

A territory marking strategy

Cats are very territorial and want to protect their possessions, including the house, food, bed, and well, you. Yes, you might think that you own a cat, but the truth is your cat owns you. As part of their beloved and essential possessions, you must be marked. So, if wondering why does my cat sleep on the corner of my bed, it is because you belong to her.

Cats are considerate and respect your personal space

Well, this is not a real reason. They are considerate and do respect personal space, but not your space. They respect their own private space, and the foot of the bed offers precisely that. When sleeping at the foot of the bed, they are close enough to feel your love yet distant enough to feel independent, warm enough to be cozy yet cool enough to feel comfortable, and close enough to protect you yet distant enough to seem like they do not care.

cat sleep on the corner of my bed

What does it mean when cats sleep by our feet?

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not total jerks; they love us but are reluctant to show their love. Well, at least unwilling to show in the ordinary ways. Sleeping at the foot of the bed is definitely their way of telling us they love. They would not position themselves in a protective stance if they did not love us.

In a nutshell, if your cat sleeps by your feet, at the foot of the bed, it is not just because your memory foam mattress is ergonomic. It is also because your cat loves you, wants to be with you, and wants to protect you.

Finally, sleeping with your cat can be beneficial for you too. Well, as long as your cat is not crying like a baby at night and interrupting your sleep.


If you are a cat parent, you definitely know cats and weirdness come together. It is a package deal – when you get a cat, you get a bit of crazy behavior as well. However, not everything cats do is crazy. Deep down, cats are efficient creatures.

Sleeping at the foot of the bed, no matter how odd it may seem, is also practical – at least, from a feline perspective. Sleeping at the foot of the bed is better because it provides more comfort, offers a quick escape route, and is less crowded than the top of the bed.

Basically, laughing at your cat for sleeping at the foot of the bed makes you the judgmental one. Therefore, try to understand your cat’s reasons, create more space at the bed’s foot and leave the judging part to your cat; after all, that is what cats do best.