It may sound attractive to let your fluffy little kitten do what it wants to do and allow it the ultimate freedom to act out its natural inclinations. This concept is equally unrealistic for both cats and humans. We teach our children good manners and channel their curiosity into constructive pursuits. It should be the same with our feline family members.

To raise well-adjusted and well-mannered cats, we must start encouraging proper behavior while still kittens. Being loving, cuddly, and affectionate is part of being well-mannered. This triggers a question most cat parents are puzzled by – how to raise a kitten to be cuddly? Read the article below to find out.

Tips for raising a cuddly kitten

It is a widespread rumor that cats are incredibly independent to the point they do not need us at all. In fact, cats are very emotional and immensely sensitive creatures. Here are some useful tips on how to raise a cuddly kitten.

Talk to your kitten daily

Good communication is the foundation of every relationship. Although your kitten does not understand what you are saying, it understands a lot of how you say it and your body language. You can even take communication to a whole new level by getting one of those cat language guides. In those guides, you can learn how to read your cat’s body language and how to easily raise your kitten to be cuddly.

Play with your kitten for at least half an hour

Playing can be used as a relationship-strengthening ritual. Fortunately, the modern market offers a plethora of different cat toys. If your kitten prefers physical challenges, get it a small toy she can easily retrieve for you. If it prefers mental challenges, get some mysterious puzzle toy. It is advisable to spend at least 30 minutes of quality playtime with your kitten per day.

Give your kitten some space

Interacting with your cat is a good way of bonding, but frequent interactions are usually overwhelming for most kittens. Just like us, kittens need some alone time. If you and your kitten had a short playing session, do not force it into a second round. Let it wander around, or maybe have a quick nap and allow your kitten to initiate the next interaction.  If you are wondering how to raise a kitten into a cuddly adult cat respecting its independence is the right way.

Pamper your kitten

Cats of all ages enjoy pleasant pampering sessions. When it comes to cats grooming is a social thing – they enjoy grooming themselves and enjoy grooming each other. Brush your kitten slowly and gently while talking to it in a sweet and quiet voice. Once your kitten decides the pampering session has ended, do not question its decision – just let it walk away.


Slow blink at your kitten

People kiss you if they like you, dogs lick you if they like you, and cats slowly blink at you if they like. When a kitten or a cat slowly blinks at you, it means it trusts you and feels safe around you. So, if your kitten slowly blinks, do not forget to blink at it back. Mutual love is the answer to how to raise a kitten to be a cuddly question.

Bribe your kitten into cuddling

It seems like bribery always works. Just put some tasty kitten treats in your pocket and wait for your kitten to approach you. Reward it every time it approaches you or simply sits near you. Over time, your kitten will make a positive connection between your presence and the tasty treats.

Socialize your kitten

Proper socialization is more than learning to be comfortable around other cats, dogs, and humans. Proper socialization involves being comfortable with new environments, sights, smells, sounds, and experiences. Socialization is of paramount importance to raising a well-adjusted cat. Keep in mind that a well-adjusted cat is a cuddly and affectionate cat.

Be consistent with your kitten’s schedule

Felines are creatures of habit. Once you make a schedule, try sticking to it. Your kitten is extremely smart and will learn its schedule in no time. By providing consistency, you help your kitten feel safe and comfortable and at the same time, encourage cuddly and affectionate behavior.

When is the right time to start cuddle training your kitten?

Training your kitten to become a cuddly lap cat should start as early as possible – preferably the moment you bring it home. Early human handling is crucial for the kitten’s emotional development. Studies suggest that kittens who receive positive physical handling and attention while young are more likely to grow up into friendly and social cats.

How quickly can you raise a kitten to be cuddly?

The answer to this question is variable. Just like humans, kittens have different temperaments and personalities. This means some kittens are naturally more affectionate than others. Some are emotionally shy, and it may take them a while to let their guard down and start sleeping on their lap.

Anyway, it should be well-accented that kittens do not become affectionate overnight. Expecting them to do so would be unrealistic. If you wish to know how to raise a kitten to be cuddly, acknowledge the process can be long and challenging.



The best way of raising a cuddly kitten is by understanding it – your kitten is not a small human in disguise. Understanding your kitten means understanding its needs and, at the same time, integrating it into what is, from its evolutionary perspective, an alien environment.

A well-raised cat has learned how to act responsibly with its own kind, but also with other species, especially humans. It has learned to respond positively to people and to enjoy being handled.

In a nutshell, with the proper technique, it is definitely possible to raise a kitten to be a lap cat. What about your cat? Is it a lap cat or a scratching machine? Share your experience in the comments section below.