You are sitting or walking in your home, and suddenly, your cat pops out from somewhere, hits you, and then runs away. Now, you start wondering why your cat did this. This is not the first time your cat has done this. You experienced this several times but do not know what can be the reason.

Cats are superior lurkers and best for attacking. Normyeezy shoes under 1000 yeezy shoes under 1000 air jordan 1 element custom youth hockey jerseys custom kings jersey black friday wig sale custom maple leafs jersey yeezy shoes under 1000 brock bowers jersey custom youth nfl jersey custom youth nfl jersey custom sublimated hockey jerseys sac eastpak air max 270 women air max 270 women ally, hitting the owner means it is playing, wants to create bonding, may overstimulate, or the cat is just bored.

This is often harmless. But when the hitting and run away behavior crosses the limit, it can be a concern.

Whether you are curious or worried about “Why Does My Cat Hit Me Then Run Away,” you can check out the reasons we have come up with. By the end, you can also find out how to prevent the issue.

8 Reasons Why Does Your Cat Hit You Then Run Away

Reason Why My Cat Hit Me Then Run Away

Cats or any other animals communicate through their behavior. They express themselves by their actions. Their behaviors are sweet as well as weird often. Showing their pouncing skill is very common among them.

Why do they do it? Here are 8 common reasons you can check out why your car hit you and then run away. 

But to better know your cat’s specific behavior, observe their body language and context because the reasons may vary from cat to cat.

1. Is Your Cat Attacking You? Know The Context

Cats Body Language Explain the Context

Context is important to know if your cat is attacking you or just simply playing.   

If the claws are involved while pouncing on you, then growling or hissing, then your cat is definitely attacking you. Though the reasons are not certain, you need to observe the situation deeply. 

Like you may have scolded your cat, she is angry with you, or simply missed you, which made her frustrated. As a result, she uses her pouncing skills to defend herself. 

Another reason can be your cat suddenly startled or frightened of you or something. She may react by swatting and then running away.

2. Cats Hit You & Run Away Because It’s Their Playful Nature

Cats have a playful nature and love to play with their owner. Hit is actually a playful swat for them. It can be a gentle bite or nip. This is not meant to hurt you. Rather, they may be obsessed with you or want to get your attention.

So, hitting you and then running away can be because they are playing with you or want you to play with them.

Look for subtle clues, like what they do after running away. If they meow softly or look back at you and wait, then she wants you to chase her to play. 

This kind of behavior is mostly common among young cats. They may hit anything else: her other friends, other cats or pets, any toys, etc. They find it funny and playful. So they can observe the reason from your cat’s specific nature.

3. Hitting and Running Can Be A Bonding Behavior

For animals, it is normal to hit to show their bonding. This is no different for your cat. For them, bonding is not confined to cuddling or licking. 

They express their emotions by licking you back, jumping on you, or just hitting you. These hits are not aggressive rather than soft swats.

If you see your cat is stalking you, chasing after you, always roaming around you, and sometimes hitting you softly. Then, be sure it is her bonding behavior. She is showing her love and emotions towards you.

4. Overstimulation

There is a limit to how much physical interaction cats can tolerate. They can easily be frustrated with overstimulation. They have a daily limit for interaction or playing. 

You may have petted or played with your feline friend for a long time. You are doing it out of love but unaware that cats can not tolerate overstimulation. Now, your cat may swat at you and then run as a way of saying they have had enough love for today.

5. Your Cat Might Be Bored

Overstimulation can make your cat an attacker, and if they get bored, they can repeat the same process. If you are not being able to give your cat proper time and love, they can easily get bored.

Whacking you continuously is simply a sweet way to tell you they need love and some time. Try to entertain your cat. That will gradually help control their behavior.

6. Want Food

To get food, cats most often whack their owners. If you are not paying attention to your cat’s food timing or not giving fresh water, then there is a chance you can get attacked.

Since these animals can not talk, hitting or meowing is their way of communication. 

Some cats may be dragged by biting the clothes of their owner to their food bowl, which is empty. Or they can even bite or hit and then run away where they eat. They simply want to say they are hungry. 

So, next time your cat hits you and runs, notice where she is headed. You may get your answer.

In case your cat is hungry, give her cat food or any alternative food your cat can consume. Otherwise, she may eat your other fragile pets, such as ducklings or rats.

7. It Can Be A Predatory Behavior

Cats are both stalkers and predators. They have adopted this nature from their wildlife. If your cat frequently hits you or others and then runs, it can be their predatory behavior.

In the wild, they used to hunt for their food. They even play with their prey, simply hitting them and then running. Again, come back and hit. 

In the domestic cats, though they grow up among humans, they inherit these natures. 

Swatting you and then running can be their hunting behavior. Since they do not get any chance to chase for their food. Their natural instinct may trigger some time to do this weird stuff.

8. Your Cat is Socializing

Without proper socialization, cats or even dogs can do weird stuff. Biting or hitting other animals or people is one of them. These animals simply do not know what to do. As a result, they behave according to what they are used to in their wildlife.

If you have brought an old cat that grew up alone outside, then simply she does not know how to behave. Stray cats have no socialization knowledge.

This is why teach young cats or kittens how to socialize. This will later be good for you.

5 Ways To Prevent Your Cat to Hit Then Run Away

Ways to Stop Cat Hit Then Run Away

Now you know the possible reasons why your cat hit you and then ran away. If the behavior crosses the limits that are now irritating for you, then you can adapt some ways to prevent it.

1. Play And Interaction

If your cat is hitting you because of a lack of affection and interaction from you. Then you should spend more time with your cat.

Especially those who work outside and can not spend more time with their pets. In such a case, fix a specific time when you can play with your feline friend. Try to be more interactive with your kitty. Show her your love and affection so she does not possess any bad habits.

2. Training And Positive Reinforcement Techniques

Training from an early stage with positive reinforcement techniques can help kittens learn and adapt to socialization.

You can train your cat to behave well. But it will take a lot of patience and effort. Not only preventing hitting behavior but also teaching litter training, food habits, and many other habits.

3. Recommend Creating A Stimulating Environment

To keep your furry friend stimulated and happy, create a healthy, playful, comfortable environment for your cat.

You can create a cat house or bring a cat tree. Place it in a corner beside the window so she can see outside. 

Provide a variety of safe pet toys. These toys should be interactive, which your cat likes. You can do a bit of experimentation with the toys to see which one you enjoy playing with.

Give them a comfortable bed, a clean litter box, and a bowl of food. By ensuring all of these cats stay stress-free and happy.

4. Recognizing And Respecting A Cat’s Boundaries

Recognize and respect your furry friend’s boundaries when she wants to be alone or wants to play. 

It is important to give cats their personal space. Try not to disturb them if they are trying to be alone. They may try to hide in their favorite spot and stay there quiet. They just indicate they need their time. 

As a pet parent, you may want to pet your cat all the time. At the same time, you should understand these animals also need their personal time to relax.

5. Regular Vet Checks

Cats suffering from certain sickness can show aggressive behavior. These medical complications can be thyroid abnormality, neurological, abdominal pain, adrenal dysfunction, orthopedic issues, sensory deficits, etc.

They can eventually be more aggressive than before if they face any medical issues. They may start hurting everyone. 

If you see any sudden change in your cat’s mood, it is best to consult a vet. Most often, we become unaware that our lovable pet is suffering from some medical condition. This is why regular vet checks are important.

Once they heal, they may not continue their harming or attacking behavior.


Cats are adorable pet animals and do many weird things as a way of communicating with humans. 

Hitting someone and then running away can indicate several reasons. It can be they want to play or want food; they may get overstimulated or face some medical complications.

Whatever the reason, you never want your furry friend to go through any severe situation. So, first, try to understand their behavior. Then go for the next to prevent it.

Overaggressiveness in any pet is not good, and one should consult a vet immediately.