Peanuts are among the top favorite snack choices for humans. They are readily and easily available, additionally spiced and seasoned, and almost addictively tasty.

Contrary to popular belief, peanuts are not actually nuts – they are legumes. And since legumes are plants, it is only logical to question can rabbits eat peanuts? After all, rabbits thrive on plant-based diets.

Regardless of the taxonomic classification, the question of the peanut’s safety to rabbits remains. However, the answer is not just a matter of yes or no. The peanut itself is in no way toxic, but there are health concerns in feeding them to your rabbit.

The rabbit’s diet

Feeding rabbits is a tricky business – they have unique and breed-specific nutritional needs, and unless fed according to those needs, they get sick easily and quickly.

Generally speaking, rabbits do best on a combination of hay and commercially available rabbit food. To be more accurate, the ideal food for bunnies should contain around 80% grass hay, 10% leafy greens and veggies, 5-7% rabbit pellets, and 2-3% healthy treats.

A well-balanced rabbit diet must ensure enough fiber to promote gastrointestinal health and crunchy material to chew on, all the vital vitamins and minerals, and maintain a healthy body weight. Finally, the diet should be tasty and make the rabbit feel happy and well.

Peanuts – facts and nutritional stats

As mentioned, peanuts are not actually nuts and are not in any way related to the regular tree-growing nuts. Peanuts are members of the legumes group, just like beans and peas. And just like other legumes, peanuts are a nutritionally strong punch. They are an easily portable, plant-based protein source. They are also a rich source of fat and fiber.

One-quarter cup of plain peanuts offers around 165 calories, 6 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 g of fiber.

Peanuts – facts and nutritional stats

Can rabbits eat peanuts?

From what is already stated, we have seen that peanuts are a healthy legume packed with nutritionally valuable ingredients – for humans. However, the short answer to the question can rabbit eat peanuts is – NO.

Can rabbits eat peanuts – health benefits

There are no proven benefits of giving your rabbit peanuts. Although rabbits are herbivores and peanuts are basically plant-based protein sources, rabbits need other foods to satisfy their nutritional needs and stay healthy. Simply put, peanuts cannot provide the type of nutrition rabbits need.

Therefore, feeding your rabbit peanuts is not recommended. Although they are not directly toxic, peanuts do come with several health risks for rabbits.

can rabbits eat peanut shells

Can rabbits eat peanuts – health risk

Here are the most common reasons why the answer to the question can rabbit seat peanuts is no.

Weight gain

The fat and protein content of these legumes poses a severe risk for rabbits – obesity.  Rabbits, especially those who are kept indoors, often lack enough physical exercise and overeat. These factors increase their risk of obesity, and adding peanuts to the menu only aggravates the issue.

Digestive upset

Peanuts are packed with fats, phosphorus, and calcium. These ingredients pose digestive challenges, and simply put, the rabbit’s digestive tract is not equipped to process them properly. Consequently, they are likely to trigger a digestive upset and make the rabbit sick.

Bad bacteria overgrowth

Peanuts are packed with sugars, too. In addition to the rabbit’s inability to process this carbohydrate, sugars support the bad gut bacteria’s growth. If the harmful bacteria multiply, the digestion is compromised, leading to stomach upset.

Choking hazard

Peanuts are unusual to chew, and if the rabbit tries to swallow them whole or a large chunk, it may choke on it.

Salt poisoning

Even though the body needs salt to function correctly, too much salt is harmful, but it may cause salt poisoning.

A salted peanut or two will not harm your rabbit, but keep in mind that rabbits are fragile and small creatures, and even a small amount of salty snacks can seriously affect their health.


Can rabbits eat peanut shells?

The peanut shell has high fiber content. Theoretically speaking, rabbits need fiber to satisfy their need to munch on crunchy-textured foods and keep the gastrointestinal tract properly functioning.

However, the shell’s fiber content is too high, even for rabbits. Therefore, the answer to the question can rabbits eat peanut shells is no. Even if you do offer your rabbit a peanut shell, chances are the rabbit will refuse.

Can rabbits eat peanut butter?

Well, if rabbits cannot eat peanuts and peanut shells, what about peanut butter? Can rabbits eat peanut butter? The answer is definitely NO.

Peanut butter is even worse than regular peanuts. Not only is it high in fats, but it also contains added sugars. The added sugars can easily upset the rabbit’s sensitive tummy and cause serious digestive issues.

Can rabbits eat peanut plant hay?

Yes, rabbits can eat peanut plant hay. In fact, peanut hay is an excellent forage choice for many herbivore animals. If comparing legume hays to grass hays, grass hays are better suited for healthy, adult rabbits since they are richer in fiber and have lesser calcium contents.

However, legume hays, such as the peanut plant hay, are ideal for young bunnies, pregnant rabbits, nursing rabbits, and underweight rabbits.


The final verdict on can rabbits eat peanuts is NO. Although not toxic, peanuts are not suitable for rabbits. In a nutshell, rabbits should not eat peanuts because this otherwise delicious and crunchy nut has no nutritional benefits for a rodent rabbit. However, if your rabbit happens to find a long-lost peanut under the kitchen stove or steals one from your snack bowl, there is nothing to be worried about as peanuts are not toxic to rabbits.

Finally, if considering peanuts when searching for the perfect rabbit treat, keep searching – when it comes to rabbits, there are far healthier and nutritionally valuable treat alternatives than peanuts.