Keeping your strictly indoor cat entertained can be quite a challenge. In such cases, the cat’s primary source of entertainment is her human family. More often than not, thinking about how to entertain your cat is more exhausting than actually entertaining it.

If you ask your cat, chances are the best form of entertainment for her is roaming free. However, roaming free is dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible. Luckily, in this article we will explain how to keep your cat entertained both physically and mentally.

Entertaining cats

Want to know how to entertain a cat indoors? Here is a list of some interactive games.

Chat time

As peculiar as it may sound, cats love to chat. Talking is meaningful for your cat, and as a highly beneficial interaction, it will take your relationship to a whole new level. While chatting, do not stare at your cat. Instead, try throwing an eye blink every once in a while. Cats tend to blink slowly when they feel relaxed. If you respond to her blinking, your cat will know you are relaxed too.

Play chase

Who said adult cats do not like to play? Even adult cats enjoy a good chasing game. If your cat stares at you as she takes a few steps back, it means she wants to be chased and is initiating the game. If your cat keeps the tail up while playing, it means she enjoys playing chase. If the tail is down, your cat runs out of fear instead of fun, and it is time to stop playing.

Play fetch

Cats love to play fetch just as much as dogs do. However, while the cats enjoy running towards the fetched toy, retrieving it does not come naturally to them. To encourage your cat in her retrieving effort, choose a small toy that fits in your cat’s mouth.

Light play

Chasing light reflections is the synonym of cat entertainment. We often see commercials in which cats play with laser points. The concept is perfect, but the light source is not. Namely, lasers can damage your cat’s eye. Instead, use some other reflective surface such as an old CD or a watch.

Hiding games

As predatory animals, cats love to hide and observe their prey from a distance. Keep your cat happy and entertained, by creating a hiding spot. The hiding spot can be as simple as a towel or cardboard box or something as high-end as a play tunnel. Throw some small toy to entice your cat’s predatory instinct and watch her jump out at the prey, or in this case, the toy you threw.

Entertaining cats vol.2

The above-listed activities are great for keeping your indoor cat entertained, but they are interactive and require your participation. So, what happens when you are not at home? Here are some excellent ideas for how to entertain your cat while away.

Plenty of toys

The modern market offers a plethora of different toys for cats. All cat toys are specifically designed to keep cats, both physically and mentally stimulated. Since cats get bored quickly, it is essential to rotate their toys or introduce new ones regularly. Feather wands and mice toys are amazing, but cats can be equally fascinated by simple toys such as crumbled pieces of paper and yarn balls. If your cat is food motivated, treat-stuffing toys are how you can keep your cat entertained for hours.

Cats’ specific furniture

This includes scratching posts, benches, and cat trees. These toys are to cats the same as shoes to girls – you cannot have too much. Wild cats scratch trees to keep their nails sharp. True to their predatory heritage, even modern, stay at home cats enjoy this activity.

Climbing frame

As natural climbers, cats like enjoying the world from above. The cat’s perfect exploring adventure has one direction – up. You can make things more fun if you lace the climbing frame near a window. That way, your cat will be able to observe from a relaxed and strategic vantage point.

Fish tanks

Yes, the stereotype is true; cats love watching fish swim. They also like catching fish, but this is something you must prevent. Just put the properly secured fish tank in an out of reach place. As a result, your cat will be visually stimulated for hours.

Another furry friend

Having a friend to play with is the best form of entertainment. However, adding another furry member to your family is a big responsibility. Plus, you need to make sure your cat gets along with the newcomer before leaving them home alone. Here are some tips on how to keep your cat entertained while practicing safe introduction.

TV or tablet time

Cats are nothing if not sophisticated. Watching cat shows is one of those high-end taste preferences cats have. There are many shows explicitly filmed for cats. Most of them use moving mice and fish to trigger the cat’s curiosity. They will keep your cat entertained, but do not promote physical activity. Therefore, they are best suited for older cats with limited physical abilities.


Just because cats are independent, it does not mean that they do not enjoy spending some quality time with us. It has been shown that cats that spend 10 to 15 minutes a few times a day playing with their humans are happier and healthier than cats that lack such a habit. Playing with your cat is vital for strengthening your mutual relationship.

However, just because you are not always at home does not mean your cat should sit around and wait for you. Many toys and activities can keep your cat entertained while you are away. Just make sure you provide the ones that suit your cat’s preferences the most. Keep in mind that finding the right form of entertainment may take some experimenting.