Being a cat parent means dealing with lots of weird situations on a daily basis – from puking for no reason through finding hairballs in the most unusual places to pushing decorations from the shelves. However, one of the weirdest and definitely annoying situations is listening to your cat’s crying, especially at night. If you have dealt with this, chances are you were wondering why do cats cry like a baby at night. Where does this crying urge come from, and can it be prevented or stopped? You will find all the answers in this informative article.

Can cats cry?

YES, just like humans, cats can cry too. However, unlike humans who usually cry in private, cats do that publicly and without shame. Plus, they find the most unusual times and places for crying. Therefore, cats crying like a baby at night and cats crying at night outside are very common and frustrating situations.

Being judgmental is easy. The goal is to get to the bottom of things and understand the reasons why does my cat cry like a baby at night. Once you know the reasons, you can find ways to fix the problem and spare your eardrums the unnecessary vocal havoc.

cats crying

Why cats cry like babies at night?

Cats can cry like babies due to a plethora of different reasons. Sometimes they cry because there is a real and reasonable cause, and sometimes they cry simply because they are cats and can do whatever they want.

Here are the most common reasons why cats cry like babies at night.

Crying as an attention-seeking behavior

Yes, if your cat feels neglected, chances are it will start crying just to catch your attention. The reason why your cat needs attention varies.

Sometimes, it is bred and wants to cuddle, sometimes it wants more kibble inside its food bowl, and sometimes she just wants an opportunity to ignore you once you start paying attention to her.

Crying as a way of demanding food

Wondering why does my cat cry like a baby at night? Well, maybe you forgot to feed her, or perhaps you failed to put the amount of kibble your cat thinks it deserves.

So, the next time your cat starts crying like a baby in the middle of the night, get up and check its food bowl. Sometimes, a simple refill will do the trick and get your cat to stop crying.

Crying as a territorial instinct

Cats, especially outdoor cats, and stray cats, are very territorial. They are incredibly diligent about marking their territories and possessions. If there is a trespasser, they do not hesitate to make weird and high-pitched sounds that often resemble crying.

Crying due to loneliness and isolation

Kittens frequently cry at night after being re-homed. Living in a new and unknown environment can be scary and challenging.

When the kittens are separated from their mothers are re-homed, they face more than just new living conditions. They meet new family members and need to learn how to live away from their mothers and siblings.

The whole experience can cause loneliness and isolation, which most kittens find a reason enough for crying at night.

Crying due to age-related illness

It is not just kittens that cry. Senior cats cry too, but for different reasons. As cats age, they go through many age-related changes. They also start developing some age-related health conditions.

In this concept, the most important is cognitive dysfunction syndrome. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome is the feline equivalent of Alzheimer’s disease in humans.

Cats with cognitive dysfunction syndrome often feel confused and disoriented. These mixed feelings make them feel insecure about their environments and cry for no apparent reason. Plus, as cats get older their hearing and sight abilities decrease, which only adds to the confusion and increases the chances of crying.

If you have a senior cat and were wondering why does my cat cry like a baby at night, have her examined by a vet. The vet will determine which age-related changes your cat is experiencing and explain how to manage them.

Crying as a result of boredom

If you were wondering why do stray cats cry at night, boredom could not be the answer. However, if wondering why indoor cats do the same, boredom is definitely one of the options. Indoor cats often lack the necessary mental and physical stimulation, leading to boredom. So, the next time you are thinking why does my cat cry like a baby at night, consider spending more time with her and providing suitable physical and mental stimulation. To find useful tips on how to entertain your cat, click here.

cats cry at night

Crying due to an illness

Usually, cats that are in pain try to hide their vulnerability. However, if the pain becomes too intense, chances are they will start manifesting it. If you suspect your cat might be going through a physical problem and it frequently cries, make a schedule at the vet’s office and have her checked as soon as possible.


From seeking attention through being simply bored to informing you there is something wrong going on, the reasons why cats cry like babies at night are endless. Cats are weird creatures. That is something all cat parents knew before deciding to get a cat. When deciding to parent cats, we choose to accept all of their habits, including crying.

Being a devoted and responsible cat parent includes determining the cause of the cat’s crying and finding ways to deal with it. If you cannot get to the bottom of the problem, there is nothing shameful about asking for help. Feline behaviorists do what they do to help cat parents solve their cats’ behavioral issues in the simplest way possible.