You may have noticed that your furry friend sometimes likes to bite your phone. Ever stare at your phone, screen cracked and droopy, wondering why your furry friend turned into a tech-chomping monster?

This can be annoying, frustrating, or even dangerous for both you and your cat. But why does your cat bite your phone? What does it mean? And how can you stop it?

We’ll try to know if it’s a secret message, playful fun, or maybe something else entirely. Besides, we’ll learn some easy ways to keep your phone safe and your cat happy. Now, we know the possible reasons why your cat bites your phone and what they mean.

Communication through Biting

Biting is one of the ways that cats communicate with humans or other cats. They bite to show their feelings or needs, such as pleasure, displeasure, or desire for attention.

For example, when your cat bites you gently while you pet them, they may be enjoying the affection or telling you to stop. When your cat bites you or another cat during play, they may be trying to get more interaction or excitement. When your cat bites your phone, they may be asking for your attention or inviting you to play with them instead of your phone.

Calling to Play

Cats are social animals that need stimulation and interaction. They may bite your phone to initiate play or to join in the fun. They may see your phone as a toy or a challenge that they want to chase, catch, or wrestle with. Biting your phone may be your cat’s way of saying, “Let’s have some fun,” or “I want to play with you.”

Entertaining Phone Case

Your phone case may be a source of entertainment for your cat. They may bite your phone because they are drawn to the features of your phone case, such as movement, noise, or texture.

They may appreciate the aesthetics or functionality of your phone case, such as the color, shape, material, or design. They may also get pleasure from the feedback that your phone gives when they bite it, such as the sound or vibration.

Attraction to Moving Objects on Screens

Your phone screen may stimulate your cat’s hunting drive. They may bite your phone because they are drawn to the motion and animation on your screen. They may mistake your phone for a portal to another reality where they can spot and pursue potential prey.

Besides, they may attempt to capture or bite these creatures through your screen. Biting your phone may be how your cat communicates their curiosity or excitement.

Familiarity with the Owner’s Scent

Your phone may have your smell on it. This makes your cat feel connected to you. They may bite your phone because they want to show their affection or ownership of you.

They may also rub your phone with their smell. It is a way of marking their territory and their friends. Your cat may use biting your phone as a way to communicate their loyalty or bond with you.

To Damage It since the Phone Is Seen as a Threat

Your phone may trigger your cat’s defensive instincts. They may bite your phone because they perceive it as a competitor or an intruder. They may resent or fear that you prefer your phone over them. They may also dislike or be startled by the sound or vibration of your phone. Besides, they may attempt to damage or remove your phone by biting it.

Curiosity and Exploration

Your phone is a novel and mysterious object for your cat. They may bite your phone because they want to discover more about it and its functions. They use their mouth as a tool to examine it, sense it, or manipulate it.

Moreover, they may also be intrigued by the consequences of their biting, such as the sound, light, or vibration of your phone. Your cat expresses their curiosity or exploration by biting your phone.

Attracted by Your Phone Light & Sound

Your phone’s light and sound may appeal to your cat’s senses. They may bite your phone because they enjoy the visual or auditory stimulation that your phone provides. So, they find your screen attractive or interesting because of its luminosity, hue, or shape.

Besides, they also find your phone’s audio appealing or pleasant because of its melody, tone, or noise. Your cat may show their appreciation or contentment by biting your phone.

Sign of Anxiety

Sign of Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or worry that can affect your cat’s behavior. They may bite your phone because they are anxious about something in their environment or their relationship with you. Even, they may bite your phone to calm themselves down or to express their emotions. They also bite your phone to get rid of their excess energy or anger. Your cat may be communicating their worry or nervousness by biting your phone.

6 ways to Stop Cat Biting on Your Phone

Cats are curious and playful creatures, but sometimes, they can develop bad habits that can be annoying or even harmful. One of these habits is biting on your phone. This habit can damage your device, hurt your cat’s teeth, and interfere with your communication.

If your cat tends to bite on your phone, here are six ways to stop this behavior and keep your phone and your cat safe.

1. Keeping Away Your Phone from Your Cat

One of the easiest ways to stop your cat from biting on your phone is to make sure your phone is out of your cat’s sight and reach. You can do this by putting your phone in a closed or hidden place, such as a drawer, a cabinet, or a bag when you are not using it.

This way, your cat will not be tempted or curious to bite your phone. You can also place your phone on a high shelf or a table where your cat cannot jump or climb to get it. This way, your cat will not be able to access your phone.

However, more than this method may be needed if your cat is very determined or stubborn to bite your phone or if you need to use your phone frequently and cannot keep it away from your cat. In that case, you may need to try other methods to stop your cat from biting on your phone.

2. Providing Alternative Toys When They Bite on the Phone

Alternative Toys

Cats have a strong urge to bite on things. Especially when they are young or active, they do this to practice their hunting skills, to explore their surroundings, or to soothe their gums. If you don’t want your cat to bite on your phone, you should give them some toys that are suitable for biting.

These toys should be made of durable materials, such as rubber, fabric, or rope, that can withstand your cat’s teeth and claws. They should also be fun and stimulating for your cat, such as balls that bounce, animals that squeak, or chews that clean their teeth.

Moreover, you can make these toys even more attractive to your cat by spraying some catnip or catnip oil on them. Catnip is a herb that can make some cats feel happy and playful.

3. Spending Dedicated Time Playing with Your Cat

Cats need attention and stimulation to be happy and healthy. If they don’t get enough of these, they may resort to biting on your phone to get your notice or to relieve their boredom. To avoid this, you should make time every day to play with your cat and show them your love.

Playing with your cat can benefit both of you in many ways. It can help your cat burn off excess calories, exercise their muscles and joints, sharpen their senses and skills, and reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help you bond with your cat, improve your mood, and lower your blood pressure.

You can use different types of interactive toys to make the playtime more fun and exciting for your cat. For example, you can use feather wands, laser pointers, or fishing poles to mimic the movement of prey and trigger your cat’s hunting instinct.

4. Taking Distraction Techniques

Sometimes, your cat may bite on your phone while you are using it, which can be annoying or disruptive. You can use some distraction techniques to catch your cat’s attention and make them release your phone.

For example, you can create a loud noise, such as clapping your hands, shaking a can of coins, or blowing a whistle to surprise your cat and make them drop your phone. You can also toss a toy or a treat away from your phone to lure your cat to chase or eat it.

In this way, you can keep your cat away from your phone and give them something else to do. However, you should avoid scolding, hitting, or punishing your cat, as this can make them scared, angry, or more stubborn to bite on your phone. Instead, it would help if you used positive reinforcement to reward your cat when they leave your phone alone.

5. Training Properly

Training your cat properly can help you prevent them from biting on your phone. You can use positive reinforcement, which means giving your cat something they like, such as praise, treats, or petting, whenever they behave well and ignore your phone. In this way, your cat will learn that leaving your phone alone is rewarding and will repeat the good behavior.

You can also use a clicker, which is a small device that makes a clicking sound, to tell your cat exactly when they are doing the right thing. You can click the clicker and then give your cat a treat every time they leave your phone alone. Then, your cat will associate the click with the treat and will understand what you want them to do.

Moreover, you can also teach your cat some basic commands, such as “leave it” or “drop it,” to make them stop biting on your phone when you say so. You can do this by holding a treat in your hand and showing it to your cat.

6. Consulting with the Cat Veterinarian

Sometimes, your cat may bite on your phone for reasons that are beyond your control or understanding. They may have a physical or mental condition that makes them bite on your phone excessively or compulsively, such as dental pain, anxiety, stress, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. These conditions may affect your cat’s mood, behavior, or well-being and may require professional help.

If none of the other methods work, or if your cat’s biting is severe or chronic, you should consult with your cat’s veterinarian. Your cat veterinarian is a qualified expert who can check your cat’s health, identify the problem, and recommend the best treatment, such as medication, supplements, or therapy.

Final Thought

Cats are wonderful and adorable pets, but sometimes, they can develop habits that can be troublesome or harmful, such as biting on your phone. This behavior can have various reasons, such as communication, play, entertainment, attraction, familiarity, threat, curiosity, or anxiety.

So, You can try different methods to stop your cat from biting on your phone. You can Keep your phone away from your cat, provide alternative toys, spend dedicated time playing with your cat, take distraction techniques, train properly, or consult with the cat veterinarian.

You may entertain them to maintain a happy and healthy connection with your furry buddy and prevent harm to your phone and cat by using the advice in this article.