Is your dog obsessed with you, and the clingy behavior is increasing day by day? Then, it is time for you to know if the behavior is normal or not. Also, the possible reason “Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Me?”

Dogs are the most loyal and clingy in nature. They love to stay with their owner. But if the affection goes beyond that, then it can be a concern.

Dogs can be obsessed because of their strong bond with humans, marking their space, some medical issues, and so on.

Let us find out why your lover is obsessed with you, the benefits and drawbacks. Lastly, here are some effective ways to decrease your dog’s obsessiveness.

Understanding Why Your Dog Obsessed With You?

Dogs are man’s best friend and best companion. The emotional bond between a dog and a human is strong. Hence, dogs may become obsessed with their owners.

They love you more than you can imagine. These attention-seeking animals love to stay in human touch. But there is a certain limit, of course. If your dog is crossing the obsession line, then it can be problematic.

There can be three possible reasons for your dog obsession; 

  • Natural
  • Special breed
  • Medical problems

It can be a way of showing love, affection, and care. Out of love, they may be in fear of losing you. Thus, always roam around you like a freak.

At first, these behaviors seem adorable. And you may have encouraged them. As a result, they are now used to it, but now you are feeling a bit irritated. These innocent creatures only know how to love more, not less. Which is your problem now.

Or you may have a special breed dog that is more clingy than other dog breeds. These types of dogs are most often small in size. They crave more for human interaction. For years, they have been evolving to be obsessed with humans. In this case, it is sure that your dog will always crave your love. Some common this type of dog breeds are:

  1. German Shepherd
  2. Beagle
  3. Collie
  4. Golden Retriever
  5. Chihuahua
  6. Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
  7. Dachshund
  8. St. Bernard
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Boxer

Lastly, it can be a medical issue with your dog. Such as obsessive-compulsive disorder or simple OCD. If your dog suddenly acts weird, like always licking you or sleeping so close to you everytime, then it can be OCD.

Like humans, dogs can also be affected by this. This special situation involves repeating a particular behavior, such as excessive licking, tail chasing, pacing, shadow chasing, or even excessive barking.

This can trigger their obsession behavior. You should consult a veteran as soon as possible if it happens.  

Is It Normal?

Yes, your dog’s strong attachment is normal and healthy. These animals have survived between humans because of their ability to form strong bonds with their owners. 

They may follow you all around or show more excitement when you return home. These behaviors are way too adorable for any pet parents.

However, if a dog’s behavior becomes more possessive, then it is time to consult a professional. 

You may not always be able to give time to them as you need to do other stuff. Consult a dog trainer or behaviorist to ensure your dogs get out of the obsession. Also, the relationship between you stays balanced and healthy.

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With You?

Let us go into a bit more detail on each of the reasons. So you can better know your dog’s behavior.

1. The Unique Human-Dog Relationship

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. They have a long history of coevolution with humans. They have evolved alongside humans. 

All these because of their unique ability to love humans and develop a strong social bond. Most of the wild animals lack this ability and could not be human companions.

Human-Dog Relationship

But dogs, cats, birds, or other pet animals can create a unique relationship. Dogs are the most loyal animals among them. Because of their innocence, loyalty, sweetness, and good understanding, humans also love these pets a lot. Most of us make dogs our only companions, as they never break our trust.

Thus, when the emotional bonding becomes stronger than before, dogs tend to be more possessive. Once they start loving someone, they can not unlove them. And if your dog is getting more love and affection from you, it can be obsessed with you naturally.

2. Memories of Puppies and Early Care

Your dog may form a strong attachment with you because of your love and care in their puppyhood. For pet parents, pets are like their children, and take care of them like a baby.

In their early stage of life, if you provide care and attention, they can remember who their parents are. The positive experiences and memories make them love more to their human parents. Often leading them to an obsession phase.

Since, dogs are impressionable during their early development stages. If you want to strengthen your bond with your dog, then care at an early stage can prove effective. 

3. Your Scent and Presence

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They can remember their parents by their scent. 

With your scent, your dogs can know you are near them. They love your smell that comforts them. It is like a way of being familiar with and recognizing you.

When you are around, you might play with them, feed them, or give them attention. All of which are rewarding for dogs. These positive associations make them eager to be near you. 

They may start licking your leg, on your face, or climb on your lap. Your presence may drive them crazy because of your unconditional love towards them.

4. The Comfort and Security Your Presence Brings To Your Dog 

Domestic animals, especially dogs, assume their owners as a safe zone. Dogs are known as pack animals because they see their owners as their leaders. Hence, whenever their owner is around them, they feel more comfortable and secure.

So, your presence also can be a comfort for your dog. You may have experienced, after a long day, when you finally come home, your all-day gloomy dog gets excited. 

You kiss them and adore them; that makes them feel more secure. In return they adore you back and lick you more. Dogs like kisses so they lick more and show their enormous love toward you.

Also, your presence brings a consistent source of protection. Your dog can feel all of it. By this, your dog may get obsessed with being near you to ensure their well-being.

5. Curiosity and Playfulness Nature of Dogs

Your furry pal is naturally playful and needs proper exercise or play time according to their breed. So, your dog can be obsessed with you either for lack of proper exercise or they are way too curious to play with you.

Dogs need to stay more active than other pets. They need at least one hour of playtime or exercise in a day. The time can vary according to different breeds. Such as the Husky, a very active breed, needs more exercise; otherwise, they can be stressed.

Curiosity Nature of Dogs

By regular playing, they reduce excess energy, which is important for them. A proper physical simulation that leads to good mental simulation can keep a dog healthy. 

Most of the pet parents forget about the playful nature of their dog. By this, dogs may start doing weird stuff, as dogs have behavior problems if they do not get what they need.

Or it can happen that your playful creature becomes possessive if they enjoy your interaction more. How you play with your dog, your time, cheerfulness, and entertainment make your dog love you more. 

Your movement, gesture, or all other activities during play or exercise time can trigger their curiosity and a desire to do stuff with you. This does not happen all the time. If any dog owner stays busy and, after a while, finally spends time with their dogs, this triggers the pet obsession.

6. Food and Treats Connection

On a sunny day, while you are cooking a meal, your dog starts roaming around you. You get irritated by fear as you may trip on the hot food. But your dog continuously jumps on you or licks you like it is obsessed with you.

This can be because they are hungry or not getting nutrition. You may not follow the proper diet routine. As a result, your dog is roaming to seek your attention, so you feed them. To avoid this, you need to take care of your dog at home properly. 

It is not mandatory to always give dog food. There are many human foods, like fruits and vegetables, that dogs can eat. If dog food is not available, try those, but do not let your dog starve.

Another reason can be you are the one who gives treats and food to your dog. This creates a positive reinforcement for your pet. He now knows you are the one providing delicious food. They get over-excited at meal time if you are near them.

7. Routine and Habitual Behavior of Your Dog

Dogs are bound to habits. If they form an experience of a regular routine or habit, they like to maintain consistency. These animals are creatures of habit.

So, if you have established a daily routine and somehow can not manage to do so, your dog may chase you. They are already accustomed to those activities at specific times, and you are their trainer. They are already used to the situation and do not possess interruptions like us.

Behavior of Your Dog

The difficulty of training a stubborn dog is the same as making them forget about their routine life. You may want to change the timing, which your dog can not possess easily.

8. Marking Their Space and Loved Ones

Dogs have a territorial instinct and mark their favorite space. And it is absolutely normal you are your dog’s favorite. Their energy and needs may match with yours. Again, your dog is loyal to you. All these force them to imprint on you, marking you as their own.

They may lick you or, spreading their scent, claim you as part of their pack. Their natural and wildlife instinct of marking territory is not new. They do the same thing with their loved ones.  

You are the apple of your dog’s eye; you are his life. And all now he knows to mark you as their part. This behavior is an expression of their strong attachment, the desire to protect you, or not sharing you with others.

This showcases the sweetest love of your innocent pet. But when it crosses the limit, and if you are with your partner or with other pets, it may bark excessively or not let others come close to you. 

9. Velcro Dog Syndrome

Have you ever wondered if your dog’s over-possessiveness can be a symptom of a velcro dog? If you already know about velcro dogs, then you may have figured out the obsessive reason for your dog.

For the rest, a velcro dog has an extremely clingy nature and follows their owner everywhere at home, even at work. This type of dog is a one-person dog, which means your dog will be only yours.

They are most often harmless. Only they want to be near their parents. Many may confuse them with separation anxiety dogs. But these two terms are different, as velcro dogs do not get over-stressed when staying away from their owner.

Also, you can not count a puppy’s behavior as a velcro dog. Rather, it stays from puppyhood to adulthood.

The clingier nature can lead to an over-obsession with you. Breeds such as Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Boxer, or Vizsla are very affectionate and clingy. They often stick close to their owners, like Velcro.

So, if you have one of these, you know why your dog is obsessed with you.

10. Rescued Dog Having Separation Anxiety

One of the significant reasons for your dog’s possessiveness can be it might get lost, or you rescued the dog. In that time, he may starve, facing difficult situations outside. When you rescue or find your lost dog, you are like his savior.

Dog Anxiety

The painful phase your dog experienced can create separation anxiety, which can turn into a severe situation many times. Whenever you try to leave home, they may bark, howl, or cry. This makes both of your lives difficult.

So, try to find out your dog’s anxiety problem and then cure them. Any veterinary or pet doctor can best help you with that.

Possible Concerns of Over-Attachment

You may like your pet dog’s over-attachment without being unaware of the fact that it can create some potential problems.

Over-dependence and Lack of Independence

When a dog is overly attached to their owner, they struggle to be alone most of the time. Or exhibit signs of anxiety when separated from their pet parents. This can result in a decrease in their ability to be independent. 

Behavioral Issues and Over-Protectiveness

Over-attachment can encourage behavioral problems or cause them to become overly protective of their owner. This results in excessive barking, destructiveness, or aggression toward other people or pets. Dogs that are overly attached may try to do unwanted behaviors.

Sometimes, you may face safety concerns, which may lead to conflicts or even legal issues.

Disruption of Daily Activities

It may disrupt the owner’s daily activities. 

For example, they may demand constant attention. They become a distraction when their owner is trying to work, relax, or engage in other activities.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Being Obsessed With You

Your dog’s attachment to you can cause behavior problems or excessive dependence. Here are some steps you can take to help your dog become less obsessed with you.

Set Boundaries and Practice “Alone” Time

Maintain clear boundaries and rules for your dog. Try to ignore them if they seek more attention until they calm down. Then, gradually increase your dog alone time in a separate space. Reward them for their calm behavior. This can reduce dogs’ anxiety in uncertain situations.

Consistent Training

Consistent training can help your dog learn to respond to commands. They become more independent. Training can also build your dog’s confidence, helping them feel secure.

Encourage Socialization

Let your dog spend time with other family members, other dogs, or people. Take them to the park to play with other dogs. Tell your other family members to play with your cat and give them food. So, it gradually decreases your pet’s dependency on you. So they can be comfortable with others and reduce their obsession.

Provide Mental and Physical Stimulation

Make sure your dog is mentally and physically stimulated. Give them interactive toy puzzles to keep them busy with some physical activity. A tired dog will be less possessive with their owner than an idle dog.

Ensure Proper Diet

Hungry dogs can imprint on owners for food. So, keep the diet routine healthy and consistent. Treat them occasionally. Ensure healthy food items and check on their health regularly.

Seek Professional Help

If it becomes difficult to handle the behavioral problems of your dog that are causing you hard times, then you can seek professional help. A dog trainer or behaviorist knows exactly how to handle pets. They can give personalized guidance and training.

Be Patient

Lastly, you need to be very patient and maintain consistency with these steps. Remember, these animals are not as clever as humans. They take time to blend with the situation. 

So, strike a balance between providing love and attention. It should not be over by which your dog may become obsessed with you. Sometimes, tough love is all you need to show.

Any changes you make to your dog’s or pet’s life should be in a positive and caring manner. 


Dogs are lovable, most loyal domestic animals. Both humans and dogs love each other’s interaction.

You also leave no space for showing love and care toward your pet dog. It is the same for your dogs, as they also want to show their affection. But if the affection goes beyond, it turns into obsession, which is problematic to some extent.

However, we tried to show you the possible reasons for your dog’s obsession with you. But the main reason is that your dog loves you more and wants to be near you all the time.

Since it is not possible and can disrupt both your daily life. You can take some steps such as proper diet, training dogs, letting them become independent, and so on.