Cats jumping on TV is one of the most common concerns of pet owners. There must be some scratches on the TV of every pet parent. And you are probably facing the same issue with your cat.

There are several reasons why cats jump on TV. They are athletic animals and like to jump everywhere. Also, their eyes can detect yellow-green tones. So, they got attracted to these colors and moving objects on TV.

You can wall mount your TV or control your cat’s behavior to stop cats from jumping on TV. Here, we have come up with some effective ways on “How To Stop Cats From Jumping On TV?”

You can apply these steps to prevent your cat from harming itself. Also, keep your flat-screen TV and other furniture safe.

1. Implement Deterrent Solutions

First, you can implement some deterrent solutions, such as anti-cat spray and motion-activated devices, to stop cats from jumping on TV.

  • Anti-cat Spray: Cats are very sensitive to specific smells, like lavender, citrus, etc. There are many more scents that cats hate most. You can bring some spray or use these smells around your TV. You can find them in any local pet shop easily.
  • Motion-activated device: The motion-activated deterrent devices can also help. These devices produce harmless bursts of air or sound. When your cat comes near your TV, these devices will get activated. Place these electronic devices beside your flat-screen TV.
  • Scat mats: Scat mats are useful for training cats to avoid specific TV areas in your home. This creates an unpleasant sensation, like giving a mild shock or vibration if a cat steps on it. Before buying one, go through the review, safety precautions, and manual book to measure the area you want to cover.

When your cat experiences discomfort like this, it will stop coming near your TV.

2. Optimize TV Placement

Cats enjoy jumping on TV stands, TV, or in higher places. They have great agile ability. This is why every cat parent should be aware of the right placement of TV or any other electrical devices.

You can wall mount your TV or place it somewhere it is less accessible for your cat to reach. If this is not possible, then fence off the TV. By doing this, your felines will not be able to reach the TV directly.

Or you can place your TV in a room where social gathering is more, like the living room. Cats prefer to avoid crowds and avoid going there. 

You should take these steps from the beginning to stop cats from jumping on TV.

3. Selecting the Right TV Stand 

Cats are like stunt performers, and you may enjoy this sweet nature.

Climbing on TV is very common among them. If you were using a TV stand with less height. Then, it is time to replace it with a new one.

First, determine the height your cat can jump and reach. Normally, a cat can jump approximately five times its body length. With kittens, this is manageable. But adult cats can jump so long.

Also, your TV stand should be strong and stable enough. You must consider these facts to select the right TV stand.

4. Positive Reinforcement Techniques

Positive reinforcement works better on cats than punishing them. You can apply this technique to stop cats from jumping on TV and effectively control cats’ behavior.

If they are roaming around your TV, give them interactive toys or treats to divert their attention. There are many cat toys available in stores.

Introducing reward-based training can also help your cat learn faster. Cats can remember more things for a longer time than we can think. They remember what they learned.

Start with treats that your cat loves. The reward should be given immediately after your cat does what you ask for.

You can also give basic commands like “sit”, “no”, and “come”. Say these commands, and when they start doing it, reward them or adore them. Say “no” to them whenever they chase jumping on TV, so they stop.

You have to be patient and consistent with the training session.

5. Establishing Boundaries

You should maintain some boundaries with your cats, especially kittens, from the beginning. Make a separate room for TV, or do not let your cat enter your TV room. Close the door constantly so they can understand they are not allowed in that particular room. 

Or make a separate room for your kittens. Put all the toys there and try to entertain your cat. This will keep them distracted from your TV. 

If you fail to keep your cat away, the best solution is to cat-proof your TV. 

6. Invest in a Cat Tower or Tree

Invest in a Cat Tower or Tree

Cats love vertical spaces. Their instinctual habit pushes them to climb high spaces, and what would be a better option than a TV? 

No matter how hard you try, they will still try to be in high spaces. They do it mostly for safety, to mark their territory, to observe the whole environment, or to enjoy scratching trees.

What you can do is make something alternative so they can climb. A cat tower or tree can be good options. 

Place a cat tree or tower where your felines spend most of their time. The tree should be cat-friendly. Let your cat explore the tree. 

You can even wall-mount cat shelves if you do not want a tower or tree in your home.

7. Put a Distraction Near the TV

Another way to stop cats from jumping on TV can be, to make your cat less curious about TV. Place cat toys and catnip beside the TV. 

cat toys and catnip beside the TV

There are many cat scratchers available, and you can bring one, too, as cats scratch the floor most often and love doing that. Bring some toys that make noises or something like mice or bird shapes. Cats are predators of these animals. 

Whenever your cat comes near the TV, it will get distracted and start playing.

If you do not have kitty toys, simply place a mirror. Cats are not self-aware; they can play with their reflection by assuming it is another cat. Distracting them with these is too easy. 

8. Diet Cat Food

Diet Cat Food

Sometimes, cats can jump on TV if they find something tempting, like ducklings or birds. They may try to find food debris in these spaces, and if they are really hungry, they may attempt jumping. 

Respect routines for your cat’s diet and fix the timing when you give food. The portion should be small and quite a few times during the day. They should not stay hungry; this can affect their health too. 

9. Protective Measures for TVs

Your flat-screen TV may cost a lot, and you don’t want to get a single scratch on it. By the time you stop your cat from jumping on TV, you can take some protective measures for your TV.

  • Cover the TV when you are not using it. Many TV covers are available, or you can use a soft cloth.
  • Using double-sided tape around your TV can also be helpful. Attach the tape around the edges and on the top. Cats do not like messes, so touching the tape makes paws sticky, which will prevent them from going there again.
  • Secure anti-scratch products around your TV.
  • Trim your kittens’ nails regularly. 
  • Use cable management tools so they can not access the cords or cables. 

10. Use Aluminum Foil or Cellophane Tape

Cats hate the sound and texture of aluminum foil and cellophane tape. To stop cats from jumping on TV, you can use these things. 

All you need to do is put aluminum foil or tape around the TV. So, whenever they jump on it, it makes them uncomfortable.

11. Creating a Dedicated Cat Space

Marking territory is most important for a cat. Most often by scratching the area, they fix their territory. Here, it feels safe and cozy to live. It is their wildlife nature.

If you can make a dedicated cat space, they can stay within their territory. Then they may go to TV less.

  • Choose the right location.
  • Provide vertical space, hiding spots, scratching posts, and interactive toys.
  • Place comfortable stuff, cozy beds, and blankets for warmth.
  • Add a food bowl, water pots, and litter box.
  • Position the place near a window so they can watch outside. 
  • Fix a specific time in a day to play with them in their home. 

12. Minimize Screen Allure

Both humans and cats tend to be addicted to TV. You may love to take your pet in your lap and watch TV together. But if they suddenly jump on the TV, this can be problematic. 

This is why minimize the TV screen allure of your cat from the very beginning. Firstly, it may seem adorable that your cat is lying on your TV, but it can be harmful later.

You can minimize the TV screen allure by not seeing something that can grab your kitten’s attention. If your cat is around, you can see peaceful content that does not surprise your cat. 

Do not place your cat’s bed in the TV room. If you are watching TV at night, it can make them awake.

Follow the above techniques to minimize the screen allure of cats to stop cats from jumping on TV.

Why Do Cats Like to Jump on High Places?

Cats are born curious and have athletic characteristics with great flexibility and agility. From their wildlife, they revolve like jumping to high places. 

There can be several reasons why they jump on TV. Determining why cats kept leaping on top of the television is important to stop cats from jumping on TV. 

1. Climbing Instincts

Domestic cats have inherited climbing to high places instincts from their wild ancestors. We can trace from cats’ evolutionary history how they love heights.

We can link their love for heights to their hunting instincts. They are natural predators and also need to avoid predators sometimes. 

Being in a top position allows them to observe their surroundings, spot prey, and plan their movements effectively.

In modern life, they must utilize their wild habits and act by climbing on TV.

2. Attraction to Reflective Surfaces

Cats have a keen ability to detect motion and changes in light. Shiny objects, especially those that move or reflect light, can trigger a cat’s natural response. 

Also, they are highly sensitive to red lights and can clearly see yellow, green, and violet tones. Their eyes retina is more sensitive to lights that attract them to shiny objects that show on TV.

3. Seeking Social Interaction

Cats love human interaction and act as social beings. They always seek love, affection, and attention. Their passion for technology is a combination of seeking love and quality time from their parents. 

If you give your cat little time and spend most of the time outside. Your cat feels stressed and anxious. This affects their habits, and they may act weirdly, like climbing on TV.

4. Warmth and Comfort Preferences

You probably do not know that your cat likes the hot temperatures of northern America. TV laptops are good options for them to get warm and comfortable.

Potential Risk of Jumping Cat On TV

There are some potential risks of your cat climbing on TV. This is why it is very important to stop cats from jumping on TV.

  1. Damage to the TV
  2. Injury to the cat
  3. Electrical hazards
  4. Stress and anxiety
  5. Screen damage

Final Takeaways

Cats have an instinct to jump into high spaces. They jump on TV sometimes for their natural habitat, to get warmth or attention. But this can be dangerous.

So, How To Stop Cats From Jumping On TV? There are many effective ways you can apply. The main concept is making them used to keeping away from TV.  

You can use some deterrents, optimize your TV placement or the TV stand, and maintain some boundaries from the beginning. Be careful about your cat’s diet and give them proper attention. 

Lastly, have patience; your cat will surely learn soon.