When you kiss your dog, it responds well – waair jordan 1 low flyease custom youth nfl jersey best human hair wigs for black females best human hair wigs for black females kansas city chiefs crocs custom youth nfl jersey luvme human hair wigs luvme human hair wigs 8 ft kayak yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace custom maple leafs jersey latex hood keyvone lee jersey blundstone uomo college football jerseys gs its tail, licks you back, looks happy and content. But does this mean your dog known what you are doing and is feeling loved or simply responding to the joy of being close to you and interacting?

In fact, do dogs like being kissed? And more importantly, do dogs understand kisses? The debate continues. While many dog parents claim their dogs not only understand and like kisses but also enjoy them, others are more practical and believe that, after all, dogs are just dogs, and specific concepts are out of their mental perception.

If you fond of kissing your dog and want to end the do dogs like kisses dilemma, keep reading. This article will reveal everything you need to know about dogs, kisses, and affection displaying.

Do dogs understand when you kiss them?

Sadly, the answer is no. Dogs do not understand the concept of kissing. They usually react positively to kisses, but that has more to do with your presence than the actual kissing part.

Namely, when kissing your dog, you are also interacting with it, petting, holding, and talking in a sweet and calming voice. These are all actions your dog knows, understands, and associates with positive experiences.

Therefore, whenever you are kissing your dog, your dog is happy because it responds to the rest of the kissing session’s activities.

do dogs like being kissed

Do dogs like kisses? How to tell guide…

With the dogs’ misunderstanding of the kissing concept covered, it is time for revealing another conundrum – do dogs like kisses and hugs? After all, just because you cannot understand something does not mean you cannot like it.

Well, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Simply put, some dogs like kisses and hugs while others do not.

As a responsible dog parent, you obviously want to know whether your dog likes high and kisses. Luckily, you can quickly tell whether a dog likes kisses or not by being observant of its body language.

Do dogs like kisses? Yes. A dog that likes kisses and hugs will:

  • Wag its tail
  • Jump on you
  • Tilt its head
  • Nuzzle up to you
  • Lick back
  • Be alert and euphoric
  • Act excitable

Do dogs like being kissed? No. A dog that does not like kisses and hugs will:

  • Growl
  • Whine
  • Cry
  • Hide
  • Wiggle away
  • Slap you (with its paw).

The dog’s kissing version

Now that you have learned that the answer to the question do dogs like kisses is, chances are your bubble burst, and you are disappointed. In those terms, it is comforting to say that although dogs do not understand kisses, they understand affection. In fact, they are capable of exhibiting affection.

The most common form in which dogs exhibit affection is licking. Dogs also exhibit affection by lying close to you.

However, once again, do not get your hopes up. Being affectionate is not the only reason why your dog may lick you. It is one of the most common, but there are other reasons too.

Do dogs like kisses? No. Do dogs understand kisses? No. however dogs like and understand licking. Generally speaking, there are 5 top reasons why your dog is licking you.

Reason Number 1 – your dog loves you

Honestly, this is everyone’s favorite reason. The dog’s connection between licking and love probably stems from the fact that whenever your dog licks you, you are happy. Dogs are sensitive and understand human emotions. Plus, dogs express affection with each other through licking. When two dogs lick each other, there is a significant release of endorphins (happiness-promoting hormones). So, licking is the dog’s version of kissing, although the kissing concept is somewhat foreign.

Reason Number 2 – licking you is an instinctual behavior

Dogs connect licking with affection because of instinctual behavior. Puppies lick with each other and with their mothers. This creates a sense of happiness and security, and it is generally perceived as affection.

Reason Number 3 – you taste delicious

Sometimes, dogs are simple creatures – if something tastes nice, why not lick it and enjoy the experience. Dogs are often intrigued by the human scent. That scent can result from an intense perfume, the natural oils human skin produces, or simply a combination of sweat and salt. Either way, dogs are amused and prone to lick everything that seems interesting.

Reason Number 4 – licking is an attention-seeking behavior

Dogs are the ultimate attention seekers, willing to do just about anything to catch your attention. And regardless of how you respond – happy or angry, attention is attention, and it is welcomed.

Reason Number 5 – licking can be a symptom of an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Just like people, dogs can suffer from this behavioral issue. If the licking is obsessive and directed not only toward you but other people and even objects, it is advisable to see your trusted vet and a specialized canine behaviorist.

dogs like kisses and hugs


Kissing and hugging are the ultimate signs of love and affection. Well, at least as far as humans are concerned. When it comes to dogs, kissing and hugging are not on the love and affection displaying repertoire. This is because dogs do not quite understand the kissing concept.

Instead of kisses and hugs, dogs prefer to express their fondness through licking. Honestly, all dog parents allow their dogs to lick them. However, depending on the circumstances, sometimes the licking can be annoying. Following the same concept, it is safe to assume that dogs sometimes can be annoyed by your excessive affection demonstrations.

So, the next time you feel like expressing your love to your dog, do something your dog can actually understand and like. Do not lick it, of course, but pet it, talk to it in a sweet voice, or offer a tasty treat – that way, your dog will know it is being loved.