Most cats possess strange habits and hobbies. Some like to run around in circles, some like to scratch the floor, and some like to jump on their owner. Your cat may jump on you when you’re sleeping because they are either bored or want to play with you.

Imagine it’s the middle of the night, and you are sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, you feel a gentle thud on your chest. After waking up, you notice your cat jumping on you and trying to wake you up.

Experiencing this, you must think, “Why Does My Cat Jump On Me When I’m Sleeping?” Well, it’s a common habit of cats. But why do they choose the exact moment to jump on you and wake you from your blissful sleep?

Let’s dive into the curious world of cat behaviors and discover why cats jump on you while sleeping.

8 Reasons Why Your Cat Jump On You When You are Sleeping


Almost every person who lives with cats has experienced after waking up from sleep that their cats are jumping on them. But what is the reason for this behavior?

To understand why your cat keeps jumping on you while sleeping, you must first understand its natural behavior. Because of these natural behavioral reasons, your cat might jump on you. Let’s have a look at the reasons for this behavior of your cat:

1. When They Are Bored On The Midnight

Cats are naturally curious pets. They are active most of the day and look for attention from their owners. Their prime playtime starts at night when the house is quiet and the lights are off. Sometimes, they get bored playing alone in the quiet house at midnight.

Your cat might jump on you when you sleep at midnight to pass boredom or look for a playmate. Jumping on you is how your cat seeks attention or entertainment. Your cat hopes to engage with you in quality playtime at midnight to pass the quiet and boring time. It might be the main reason your cat jumps on you when you are sleeping peacefully at night.

2. Your Cat Might Be Afraid

Cat Might Be Afraid

Most cats are confident creatures. But they easily get scared listening to sudden noises or unfamiliar sounds, especially in the dark. Many cats cry like a baby at night, hearing an unfamiliar noise or catching a glimpse of a passing shadow.

When a cat feels scared at night, it seeks security and comfort from its most trusted human companion. You are the safe home of your cat when it is afraid or anxious. That’s why your cat jumps on you, being afraid when you are sleeping to feel protected and reassured.

Moreover, as cats are not self aware animals, they often get scared while looking at their mirror reflection. Your cat may think the reflection is another cat and jump on you to call you.

3. If They are Hungry

Cats are routine-oriented pets. Cats have their internal clocks. If you train your cat to a feeding habit and schedule, it will take its meal schedules seriously. So, if you somehow forget to provide your cat with food, it will jump on you to remind you, even if you are sleeping.

Suppose you are tired and fall asleep before feeding your cat. Your cat will jump on you to wake you up and provide food. It’s a way for cats to remind you that it’s mealtime and they are hungry.

4. Sometimes Your Cats Are Thirsty

Dehydration can be another reason for cats jumping on you at night. Cats often get thirsty at night while sleeping. So, if your cat gets thirsty and doesn’t find any water to drink, it will jump on you to wake you up. It can be your cat’s signal to refill or refresh their water supply.

Suppose you and your cat are in deep sleep at midnight, and your cat gets dehydrated. If your cat can’t find any drinking water, it will try to tell you to give it water. So, to wake you up, your cat will jump on you to signal its need for water.

Make sure to provide enough water to your cat so that it doesn’t get thirsty at night. A healthy cat needs to drink about ½ cup of water per 5 pounds of body weight daily.

5. Your Cat Wants to Play With You at Midnight

Your Cat Wants to Play With You at Midnight

Cats are known for their playful characteristics. Almost every cat loves to play and engage in interacting activities. To invite you to play with it, your cat might jump on you when you are sleeping.

Most cats demand playtime at night. They are highly energetic and want to play with their owners. So, to initiate a game at night or engage in playful activities, your cat might jump on you at midnight.

6. They Want More Comfortable Place For Sleeping

Cats love comfort, and they always look for comfortable spots for sleeping. If they find a warm and soft sleeping spot, they will try to claim that spot. Your bed is one of the perfect spots for your cat to sleep.

Imagine you’re sleeping peacefully in your bed. Your body is warm, and your breathing pattern is calm, like a lullaby. Your cat can sense the comfort by noticing you. So, it will try to claim that spot to enjoy the comfort it brings. For that, your cat jumps on you in the middle of the night.

7. If You Wish to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Room at Night

Some cat owner prefer to keep cats out of their bedroom at night for undisturbed sleep. However, cats don’t like to sleep away from their owners. Your cat loves you and wants to be as near as possible. Your cat prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed, on your chest, or beside you.

It wants to be at your side and sleep with you even when you are sleeping. So, if you wish to keep your cat out of your room at night, it will jump on while you sleep whenever it gets a chance. Your cat does it to let you know that it wants to sleep together.

8. They Want To Wish You Goodnight at the Midnight

Cats have their unique ways of communicating and showing affection. Jumping on you while you’re sleeping might be their way of expressing love and wishing you goodnight.

When you sleep at midnight, your cat might want to express love and affection for you or wish you goodnight. To get a goodnight wish from you and wish you goodnight, it might jump on you so that both of you can sleep peacefully.   


Almost every cat may jump on you when you are sleeping. It could be due to boredom, fear, hunger, thirst, playfulness, seeking comfort, or simply wanting to connect with you.

Each cat has a unique personality. So, observe their jumping behavior properly and respond accordingly. Also, you should know how to stop cats from jumping.

Provide positive training and reinforcement to stop cats jumping on you. Also, proper love, attention, playtime, and a safe environment can stop your cats from jumping on you while you are sleeping. If your cat jumps on you excessively when you try to sleep, consult a veterinarian or professional about this issue.