Have you been wanting to get a dog but hesitating because of your busy schedule? Dogs make the best companions. They are affectionate, loyal, and love to seek attention! If your work keeps you away from home for hours at a time, then you may be wondering, how can you even find time to raise a puppy?

You shouldn’t leave your dog alone for more than eight hours at a time. But some dogs can be left alone for longer periods of time than other dogs due to their more independent and laid-back disposition. If you’re curious about dogs which can be left alone, here are nine breeds you should know about:

Chow Chow

What dogs can be left alone? The Chow Chow is extremely independent and is on almost every list of the least “clingy” dog breeds. Originating from northern China, Chow Chow dogs may look fluffy on the outside, but they are rather tough on the inside. These dogs don’t trust strangers easily and you can be sure that they’re not very likely to act out if not given a lot of attention. They are usually quiet and may sometimes refuse to obey your commands but they are great watchdogs that are loyal and protective of their families.

Chow Chow Dog Breed

Shiba Inu

If there’s anything you need to know about Shiba Inus, it’s that these dogs definitely know how to entertain themselves! They are among the most well-known dogs that can be left alone all day. An extremely adorable and energetic breed originating from Japan, the Shiba Inu makes a loyal and devoted house pet but isn’t too clingy. These dogs are curious about their environment and love to chase other animals. They can stay perfectly happy on their own but you have to make sure that your home is secured enough to prevent your Shiba Inu from escaping and getting lost.

Shiba Inu Dog Breed


The Basenji, a hunting dog that originates from Africa, is one that always comes up when dogs that can be left alone for hours is being discussed. This may not be the most popular breed for new pet owners looking to get a dog, but the Basenji is unique and endearing in its own way. Dogs of this breed are nicknamed “barkless” dogs, because of their unique vocalizations that resemble yodeling. Basenji dogs are also known to be independent and intelligent, enough for you to be able to have peace of mind when leaving him alone at home while you go about your day.

Basenji Dog Breed


Looking for dog breeds that can be left alone for 8 hours or maybe more? The mighty Bullmastiff, despite its size, is actually one of the calmest and most laid-back dogs you can ever own. This dog loves sleep as much as play so a few short walks every day should be enough to keep him happy. Bullmastiffs are really huge, and can grow to up to 130lbs—but this doesn’t mean that they’re not suited for apartment living. They were also initially bred to become guard dogs, so they are sure to keep your home safe when you’re not around.

Bullmastiff Dog Breed

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso dogs are playful and independent dogs that don’t require the company of humans to engage in delightful play. The Lhasa is a highly curious breed that require only moderate amounts of exercise. Bred for centuries to live in and look after Tibetan temples and monasteries, it’s really no surprise that Lhasa Apso are among those dogs that can be left alone for extended periods of time.

 Lhasa Apso Dog Breed

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is one of the most popular dog breeds around, and it’s easy to see why, with their affectionate and mild-mannered canine ways. But not many are aware that they are included among dogs who can be left alone at home. Like with most of the breeds on this list, the Basset Hound is quite independent, which makes it more challenging to train but easier to leave alone at home.

Basset Hound Dog Breed


Shar-Peis are a serene and highly independent breed of dogs that are popular for their fierce intelligence and occasional stubbornness. If you’re looking for dog breeds that can be left alone in an apartment, a Shar-Pei would be one of the most sensible choices. You’d have to make sure to invest time in some basic dog training while they’re young. Exposed to early dog obedience training and socialization, this breed makes an excellent watchdog for when you’re away.

Shar-Pei Dog Breed


Can a dog be left alone overnight? If you’ve got a Japanese Akita at home, the answer is, definitely. This dog breed makes for a perfect watchdog for Akita dogs are wary of strangers and can be quite fearless if threatened. The Akita would be able to tolerate the absence of a human companion for much longer than other dogs. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t want to snuggle up when you’re at home.

Akita Dog Breed


If you’re looking at which dogs can be left alone and wish to get a smaller breed for a pet, a Chihuahua would be one of your better options. These dogs weigh 7lbs. on average but unlike many small dog breeds, Chihuahuas aren’t particularly hyperactive. Consider buying them in pairs because Chihuahuas are happier and less aggressive when they’re with a partner.

Chihuahua Dog Breed

Can dogs be left alone overnight? There are certain breeds that don’t get as easily upset or anxious should you be forced to work overtime or be away for a quick emergency. Just keep in mind that all dogs, regardless of breed, would never want to miss any opportunity to bond with you and to go out and socialize. Should you need to leave your dog at home, make sure you provide all his essential needs and leave toys or puzzles for when he gets bored. And when you have time, make sure to socialize your dog and spend some time with your canine buddy.