Are you one of the many fur parents who’s wondering about the answer to the question, “why does my dog hump me?” If so, you should know that the behavior shouldn’t cause worry, although it could get embarrassing, especially when done in front of strangers.

After all, contrary to common belief, this bizarre behavior is not always related to sexual arousal. In fact, it could be prompted by many factors, such as playfulness or seeking attention. Aside from this, it can also indicate anxiety issues or serve as a simple gesture of being excited to see or play with you.

Nevertheless, finding out the root causes of this unusual behavior will make it easier for you to learn how to stop or redirect the manner before it goes out of hand.

The Reasons for Humping

If you’re asking, “why does my dog hump me and no one else,” there are a few reasons for this. Aside from avoiding embarrassing situations caused by your dog’s action, this bizarre behavior can already be an indication of medical issues that your pet may be suffering from.

In fact, many experts say that, more often than not, a dog’s humping isn’t related to being sexually active, although there are cases when it is.

With that said, here are some of the common reasons and answers to the question, “why does my dog hump me.”

1. Your dogs are bored.

One of the most common reasons for dogs humping is that they’re bored. Of course, there are many causes for your furry friends’ boredom, including lack of both physical and mental stimulation. If this is the case, you can address this issue by spending some time playing with them.

Moreover, you can stimulate their mental well-being by keeping them occupied. For example, you can give them stuffed toys or teach them commands. In addition, to keep them physically active, you can play simple games, such as fetch or tug of war.

Bored Dog

2. It’s a way for dogs to establish social status.

Aside from the everyday problems of owners asking, “why does my dog keep trying to hump me,” they also often wonder why their furry companions hump other dogs. There’s a simple reason for this. For some canines, this is a common sign of establishing their place in the pack.

For dogs, humping is typically a sign of wanting to dominate. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are aroused, but it’s more about seeing if the other dog would submit or oppose the act.

Because of this, this behavior of wanting to dominate is only applicable to their encounter with other dogs, so it doesn’t apply to what they do with their humans.

So, other owners who ask, “why does my dog hump me” believe it’s because of the canine’s goal of attaining dominance. In this case, this belief can be problematic since it might lead to decision problems, especially in training their pets.

3. It’s a genetic thing.

Other than that, canines are also genetically programmed to exhibit the behavior. For dogs, whether they are male or female, humping is a natural thing that is harmless. In this case, since the cause is biological, you can reduce this behavior by neutering the dog.

Of course, you can also try simpler ways, such as nudging the canine with your elbow to stop them from exhibiting the behavior. In this case, make sure that you remain gentle in the process and never rush or push your pet to attain what you want.

4. It has become your dog’s compulsive behavior.

In some cases, humping has become a compulsive behavior. So, the next time you ask, “why does my girl dog hump me,” try to observe your pet keenly. Is humping among the behaviors they do repetitively?

Aside from humping, do they have other actions they often perform, such as licking or barking? If so, these may already be signs that your pet is feeling anxious.

In these cases, it’s best not to ignore the repetitive behaviors. After all,  your dog may already be seeking your help, so by ignoring the problem, you may already be reinforcing it without intending to.

So, instead, ask yourself the question, “why does my dog hump me,” and find solutions to the issue before it becomes too hard to control.

Dog’s Compulsive Behavior

5. Your pet wants to play.

In some cases, humping their owners happens when dogs experience a sudden change in their activities. For example, if you have been actively playing with them and stopped for more than a day, your pet will wonder what happened.

As a result, they may feel over-excited when they see you, leading them to hump on your hand or leg. In this case, it doesn’t mean anything other than that they want to play. Of course, this kind of behavior happens more often with young dogs and puppies.

6. They lack exercise.

Among the most common answers to the question, “why does my dog hump me,” is that they don’t have enough physical activity. If they lack exercise, your dog gets too much pent-up energy that they show through behaviors, including humping.

In fact, most dogs need to be walked at least twice a day for around 30 minutes or so. You can delegate or hire someone to do the task if you don’t have the time to do it.

Moreover, aside from humping, your dog’s overall health will suffer if they lack exercise, resulting in worse health and physical concerns.

7. You excite them.

Aside from these, more often than not, the answer to the question, “why does my dog want to hump me,” is as simple as they enjoy your company the most. This is especially true since your pets are raging with energy, so it’s natural for them to get too excited quickly.

In this case, humping means that they are excited to see you, smell you, or greet you at the door. Moreover, there are also times that they can pick up the energy from your excitement.

Why Does My Dog Want To Hump Me

Humping as a Sign of Your Dog’s Sexual Arousal

While sexual arousal is not always the answer to the question, “why does my dog try to hump me,” it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. To check whether or not it’s from sexual arousal, it’s best to observe your dog when they are exhibiting the behavior.

For example, if you’re wondering, “why does my female dog hump me,” you should know that when an aroused female dog has humped you on the leg or hand, a male dog will hump you on the same spot.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to get your hand humped by another dog to check what has caused your dog’s behavior all the time. Instead, what you can do is to redirect the attention of your fur friend.

In this case, you can play with them or keep them moving so that they can shift their energy to something else. Of course, it’s best to always give them praises after following your commands and reward them.

Moreover, it’s best to note that even young dogs and puppies show signs of sexual arousal, especially those who have not been neutered yet.

Humping as an Indication of an Underlying Medical Problem

Before jumping to conclusions regarding the question, “why is my dog trying to hump me,” you must also consider that irritation or other health concerns cause the behavior. After all, they may be exhibiting the behavior to relieve themselves from itchy genitals.

However, helping them scratch the area won’t solve the problem, especially when an infection causes it. In this case, it is best to refer the matter to your local vet and have your dogs checked. In fact, in male dogs, humping can already indicate that they are suffering from prostate concerns.


What to Do to Stop the Humping

Dog humping can be triggered by many issues. You can almost eliminate the stress and change your dog’s behavior with these simple tips.

Catch It Early

Overall, you wouldn’t want your dog to develop humping as a habit that is hard to break. Like humans, if you allow specific actions to continue for a long time, you will find it more challenging to break them free from the habit.

When it comes to dog humping, the best thing to do is catch the behavior early and do something about it. In this case, you can redirect the behavior the moment you catch it. While you may find it amusing at first, it would no longer feel that way once the behavior becomes a habit for your canine friend.

Of course, if your pets are acting out due to the medical issues they are suffering from, you should ask the vet’s help at once. After all, aside from physical health issues, humping may also signify your pets’ stress, depression, or anxiety.

Still, suppose you are finding it hard to solve the puzzle. In that case, you can trust your pet’s vet to interpret the signs and make it easier for you to understand how to deal with this unusual behavior.

Train Your Dog

Aside from this, another way to avoid any confusion caused by the question, “why does my dog only hump me,” is by training them or hiring someone to train your pets.

In fact, you can sign up for classes that can teach you the basics about training your pets. This will make it easier for you to understand and communicate with your furry friends. Once you are in charge and know how to train your pet, your dog will feel your authority and submit to it.

Moreover, they can give their trust and stop doing the behavior without being told. So, by training your pets, you would know how to handle dogs who keep on humping even after undergoing proper training.

Of course, when nothing else works, the best thing you can do is have your pets spayed or neutered. However, doing so is not recommended for young dogs. In fact, according to research, spaying certain dog breeds before they reach a safe age might result in long-term health issues.

Train Your Dog


Why does my dog hump a specific person?

Of course, while humping you can be awkward, it’s even more embarrassing when your dog tries to hump someone else, like a stranger or an important visitor. However, this usually means something about the person excites them, such as their aura, appeal, or smell.

When this happens, it’s best to refrain from making a fuss or yelling at your pet. Instead, it would be best if you took them calmly to their crates or somewhere quiet and far from the crowd.

Why does my dog lick me before trying to hump me?

In general, dogs who often lick themselves are typically distressed. So, suppose they tend to lick you while humping. In that case, it could signify their overexcitement, or they may already be telling you that they want food or want to engage you in other activities.

In this case, if you want to stop this behavior, you have to reprimand your dogs the instant you see them manifesting the actions. Of course, you should ensure that you’re firm yet still gentle when doing so.

Final Thoughts

With all that said, the next time you find yourself asking, “why does my dog hump me,” the best thing to do is to stop and observe. In such cases, your pets may already be showing signs that they are suffering from health problems.

Moreover, no matter how embarrassed you are with their behavior, you should never be harsh or abusive towards your dog. In fact, it can be easier for your pet to understand what you want if you were gentler and calmer when dealing with them.

Aside from this, remember to be consistent since this will help reinforce positive behavior more quickly. Overall, if you want your dogs to stop exhibiting this unusual behavior, you need to catch it early and train them.