As a loving and devoted dog parent, you are well awsit top kayak 8 ft kayak yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace oregon football jerseys smith and soul jordan air force 1 yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace latex hood nike air jordan 1 elevate low custom nfl football jerseys castelli gabba johnny manziel jersey uberlube luxury lubricant yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace custom maple leafs jersey are that not all dogs are physically ideally looking. Some dogs have funny-looking ears, some have quirky teeth, some have sticking tongues, some have matted fur or no fur at all, some have droopy eyes, and some have unsightly toenails.

However, these imperfections are more cute than ugly. In fact, these imperfections can be the reason some dog breeds are sought after despite their looks.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we can objectively agree that generally, ugly dog breeds exist. Keep reading as this article will review the top 13 ugliest dog breeds in the world.

Top 13 ugly dog breeds

Wondering which dogs are so esthetically challenged they deserve to be on the ugly dog breeds list? Well, these are some of the most popular ugly but cute dog breeds.

1. Chinese Crested

Thinking what is the ugliest dog ever? Well, chances are it is the Chinese Crested dog. It is primarily hairless but with peach fuzz patches, irregularly scattered teeth, and an outside sticking tongue. Therefore, it is no puzzle why the Chinese Crested dog is repeatedly the winner of ugly dog contests.

Height: 23-33 cm

Weight: 3.6-5.4 kg (8-12 pounds)

Life expectancy: 13-18 years

Chinese Crested

2. Bull terrier

An inspiration for many cartoons, the Bull terrier is definitely an unusual-looking dog. Well, at least when it comes to the disproportional, egg-shaped head. The lack of defined nose line and squinting eyes only add to the esthetic challenge. Despite their looks, Bull terriers are a widely popular ugly dog breed.

Height: 22-38 cm

Weight: 22.6-31.7 kg (50-70 pounds)

Life expectancy: 12-13 years

Bull Terrier

3. Bedlington terrier

The hallmark of the Bedlington terrier is its atrocious hairstyle. Many people believe Bedlington’s hair is so ugly it could not be natural. Well, believe it or not, the sheep-like appearance is completely natural and an objective reason why this dog is not pleasant to look at.

Height: 38-44 cm

Weight: 7.7-10.4 kg (17-23 pounds)

Life expectancy: 12-14 years

Bedlington Terrier

4. Irish wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound looks like a regular Greyhound that accidentally poked a light socket and got electrocuted. In terms of personality, the Irish wolfhound is a gentle giant with a particular fondness for children. However, this dog is often featured in scary movies alongside villains because of its rather unique appearance.

Height: 76-81 cm

Weight: 47.6-54.4 kg (105-120 pounds)

Life expectancy: 6-10 years

Irish Wolfhound

5. Pug

The squished, disproportionally large, and wrinkly head paired with chubby neck, fat body, and short, tiny legs and stubborn personality make the Pug deserving of its spot on the ugliest dog breeds list. However, the Pug’s issues are not just a matter of esthetics. The brachycephalic anatomy makes breathing for them quite challenging.

Height: 25-33 cm

Weight: 6.4-8.2 kg (14-18 pounds)

Life expectancy: 13-15 years

Pug Dog Breed

6. Borzoi

The Russian sight hound’s shaggy hair makes this tall dog look messy, unkempt, and disheveled. You can spend hours on brushing, hairstyling, and treatments at the groomer’s salon – it will not make a difference. The narrow head with elongated snout adds to the ugly appearance and is the reason people describe their faces as horse-like.

Height: 66-71 cm

Weight: 27-48 kg (60-105 pounds)

Life expectancy: 7-10 years

Borzoi Dog Breeds

7. Japanese Chin

There is nothing usual about the Japanese Chin with a perky nose, shallow snout, downturned mouths, and wide-crossed eyes. At first glance, this dog may not look quirky, but you can see why the Japanese Chin is among the ugliest small dog breeds once you get a closer look.

Height: 20-27 cm

Weight: 1.4-6.8 kg (4-9 pounds)

Life expectancy: 12-14 years

Japanese Chin

8. Chinese Shar Pei

Being wrinkled is a senior feature, right? Well, not precisely, the Chinese Shar Pei is born with wrinkles, and it is proud to be wearing them. The ruffles are so accented it looks like this dog is wearing an oversized coat. The excessive wrinkling is not just an esthetic drawback. Dirt tends to accumulate in the wrinkles, thus increasing the risk of skin infections.

Height: 46-51 cm

Weight: 18-30 kg (39.6-66.1 pounds)

Life expectancy: 9-11years

Chinese Shar Pei

9. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are one of the most popular small ugly dog breeds in the world. Featuring in famous Hollywood movies and fashionable accessories of oversized bags, Chihuahuas are definitely trendy. They are also definitely ugly. Maybe it is because of the erect ears; maybe it is because of the sharp, always ready to bite teeth, or maybe it is just because of their snappy behavior.

Height: 15-25 cm

Weight: 1.8-2.7 kg (4-6 pounds)

Life expectancy: 12-20 years

Chihuahua Dog Breed

10. Bloodhound

The shaggy facial skin and forehead wrinkles make the Bloodhound unusual-looking and kind of an ugly dog. The floppy and extremely long ears are not very helpful in correcting the overall appearance. However, the Bloodhound is exceptionally good on the hunting field, and no amount of ugliness can make them less valuable.

Height: 58-69 cm

Weight: 36.2-49.8 kg (80-110 pounds)

Life expectancy: 10-12 years

Bloodhound Dog Breed

11. Hungarian Puli

Are you a big fan of dreadlocks? If you are, then you will probably fall in love with the Hungarian Puli. If you are not, you will see why this dog is listed on the ugliest dog breeds list. The dreadlocks alone are not the only issue – they cover their faces completely, so you cannot recognize where the head is and where the bottom is.

Height: 36-45 cm

Weight: 11.3-15.8 kg (25-35 pounds)

Life expectancy: 10-15 years

Hungarian Puli

What is the World’s ugliest dog?

Traditionally, the ugliest dog title belongs to members of the Chinese Crested dog. However, this year, on the 30th annual contest, the ugliest dog’s title was won by the 9-year old Zsa Zsa. Zsa Zsa is an English bulldog who lives a happy life and is immensely loved by its human family despite her esthetically challenged physicality.


As mentioned, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – this is undeniable. However, some ugly dog breeds have unique and quirky-looking traits that actually make them cute and exciting.

Plus, what some ugly dogs lack in looks, they certainly compensate in personality and affection.

To honor all ugly dogs in the world, in Petaluma, California, there is a competition for ugly dogs each year. The event is held under the name World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, and if you own some of the breeds mentioned on this list, you are free to sign up.